Relationship matter: program offices, grantees and the keys to success.

Funder-grantee relationship can be fraught due to the inherent power imbalance between those who have resources and those who need them. The Center for Effective Philantropy (CEP) published this report to help funders effectively navigate this dynamic to build and maintain healthy relationships with their grantees. Based on analysis so f nearly 20,000 grantees of 86 foundations, it provides insights on what constitutes a strong funder-grantee relationship, what nonprofits say it will take for funders to foster such relationships, and the crucial role that program officers play in the equation.

The report finds that in the eyes of nonprofits, the most powerful ways that funders can strengthen their relationshpis with grantees are to focus on understanding grantee organizations and the context in which they work, and to be transparent with grantees. Another element that infulences relationships are the experiences grantees have during the selection process and how open they find funders to be to their ideas about the foundation’s strategy.

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