The Five Don’ts That Destroy Coaching And Mentoring

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The author asserts that only a mere 10% of people have ever had a great coach or mentor. Yet, most people want to be more successful. Most of our staff would greatly benefit from having someone by their side coaching them to get out of their own way. Supervisors and managers have a daily opportunity to provide such profound support and impact on others, yet very few do it (or at least: do it well).

The article describes five primary reasons why managers fail to become great coaches:

  • they don’t know what made them successful.
  • they don’t believe they can make a difference.
  • they don’t know how to coach/mentor.
  • they don’t know what to focus on.
  • they don’t have time.

Virtually every manager has within them the ability to become a great coach, but first one needs to decide who they want to be as a manager. “One more of the thundering herd of mediocre managers that their people have had in the past? Or the great coach and mentor who forever changes how their people see themselves in their future?”

So, part of it is about know-how (i.e. having the coaching skills and tools) and another big part of it is about attitude and approach: our show-how. In my Coaching Clinic course, we learn and practice both.

Photo Credit: Rhys A. via Flickr


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