Coaching Clinic

Helping others learn and grow is among the most rewarding and valuable experiences you can have as a manager.

The Coaching Clinic equips technical experts in (i)NGOs, academia and the public sector to become more effective in their roles as managers through a coaching mindset and toolbox. 

By developing a coach approach, technical experts can become leaders of people, not mere managers of projects. A leader who invests in coaching conversations ensures that team members and project partners have the motivation, clarity and confidence they need to take initiative. They enable their staff to do more of the heavy lifting in support of the mission. 

During two intensive training days, The Coaching Clinic applies a mix of learning formats based on best practices from adult education and experiential learning. Effectively combining theory with practice, each participant experiences a minimum of ten coaching sessions (five as a coach, and five as a coachee or observer). You will leave this course profoundly impacted!

who should attend?

A common challenge for knowledge workers as managers is that under pressure they’ll often try to take up more and more work themselves. These same managers can increase their effectiveness when they rely more on others, not just themselves, to deliver results. This requires delegating and coaching instead of micro-managing, even when they think they have more knowledge or better answers.

This course is particularly relevant for technical experts, first-time supervisors as well as more senior managers in (i)NGOs, research organizations, and others working in international development.

what can you expect?

learn and experience a proven and practical model for coaching conversations in the workplace
practice advanced interpersonal skills, and learn how to listen and ask questions like a coach
become a more effective manager who can develop rapport and trust with diverse staff and colleagues
prepare to apply a coaching approach into your management roles at work (and beyond)

Feedback from 500+ participants

The course was well-organized and easy to follow. 100%
The course content was relevant to my work. 100%
The trainer was knowledgeable and articulate. 100%
I enhanced my knowledge and skills in coaching. 99%
I will apply the knowledge and skills in my work. 100%
I would recommend this course to a colleague. 100%

“This program was an eye-opener, with very good exercises.”

The coaching model and the skills and tools were practical and taught in a participatory and informative way. 

“The course was very useful. It will help me both in my work and my personal life.

“This course is excellent and I suggest other managers also take this training.”

“I learned the difference between coaching and managing. This may be a turning point for my team leadership.”

“The trainer is extremely knowledgeable and sessions were lively!”

“I have learned a lot. I just wish I had taken this course earlier in my career.”

“The course structure worked well, with clear steps leading us to Aha! moments.”

“Marco, you’re a great coach and your responses to questions were genuine and based on lots of experience”

can you really teach
old-school managers
to coach their employees?

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